Cletonya LaGrand

Cletonya LaGrand, Chairman

Cletonya LaGrand  was sworn into office as a Board Member of the Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) during the January 10, 2019 HCWA Board Meeting. She represents the citizens of Henry County’s District 2, after being appointed by Henry County Commissioner Dee Clemmons. She also serves as Commissioner Clemmons’ Chief of Staff, overseeing all administrative activities, and she has been a resident of Henry County since 2013.

When not serving the community on the HCWA Board, Cletonya is a highly experienced tax accounting and business consulting professional, “dedicated to helping firms and individuals dramatically increase enterprise value.” With over 20 years of experience as a consultant, Cletonya performs over 400 tax and accounting transactions – totaling well over $1 million in value – in any given quarter. She currently is President of C.K. LaGrand Consulting.

Before starting her own tax accounting firm in 2013, Cletonya was the President of J.D. Fletcher and Associates LLC. Through her navigation of the Atlanta office, she assisted in the monumental growth and success of the company, system-wide. Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Novi, and Charlotte are cities where individuals of her profession find it very difficult to achieve the type of success that J.D. Fletcher and Associates has accomplished. Cletonya and her partners, “have found value where many have failed.” Through her experience evaluating hundreds of consultancies, she brings unique insight into key performance indicator benchmarks and best practices of highly profitable firms.

Prior to working with J.D. Fletcher and Associates, Cletonya was a Department Analyst with the State of Michigan, where she set guidelines and monitored policy, while focusing primarily on consulting with companies attempting to do business in the State of Michigan.

Cletonya holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Tennessee State University. In addition, she holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Western Michigan University and a Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School.

“I want to serve on the HCWA Board because water and sewer services are vital parts of our growing County,” she says. “Water and sewer also are vital to our quality of life, and I intend to learn as much as possible about the Water Authority and its system during my tenure on the Water Authority Board.”