Georgia Water Tower Competition Going Virtual

This year’s annual Georgia Model Water Tower Competition at the HCWA will be a little different than in past years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting Henry County Schools, but it will be no less challenging or exciting for local students.

The Henry County, Georgia Model Water Tower Competition judging will take place virtually on Friday Nov. 6. Students will conduct virtual interviews that day to explain the details of their water towers to a panel of judges from the HCWA, while additional HCWA water professionals evaluate and test these fully functioning model water towers.

The student model water towers are judged based on three criteria – structural efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, and design ingenuity. 

The Georgia Model Water Tower Competition challenges Middle School students to design and build water towers, with specific size and height requirements, from any materials. However, students are rewarded for using creative designs and recycled, everyday household items.

The Georgia Model Water Tower Competition is organized by the Georgia Section of the American Water Works Association (GAWWA) and the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP).

The objective of this event is to make students more aware of the importance of reliable drinking water, while introducing them to rewarding (career) opportunities available in the water profession. 

The winners of the 2020 Henry County, Georgia Model Water Tower Competition will be revealed in the next issue (Winter 2021) of the Currents customer newsletter, as well as on this website (

Caption for photo:  

While students won’t be able to gather together like these pictured last year, this year’s Georgia Model Water Tower Competition will be held virtually, with judging on Nov. 6, based on each tower’s structural and hydraulic efficiency, as well as design ingenuity. 


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