Rain To Drain Workshop


The Rain to Drain Workshop began in 2017 through a partnership with Henry County Schools.  After taking a tour of our Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant, two teachers were amazed and inspired by how many STEM subjects could be taught and incorporated into the classroom by learning the water treatment process.  A separate tour of our Walnut Creek Wastewater Plant resulted in more ideas that sparked the creation of a teacher's workshop. After further brainstorming, the end result became a four-day workshop to include a day at our water plant, another at our wastewater plant, a day with the HCWA Engineering staff and a day at our Cubihatcha Outdoor Education Center.  

Now, every year Henry County teachers from Elementary, Middle and High Schools are invited to the workshop to learn how the Water Authority operates, and to share this education with their students.  Hands on activities that can be used in the classroom are included in the workshop to further demonstrate the STEM curriculum applications. Field trips to the plants are also encouraged for the students to fully understand the “Rain to Drain” process.


Watch the video below to see what the teachers thought of our very first Rain to Drain Workshop!

Rain To Drain Workshop


For more information, please contact 770-914-3688.