Discolored Water Notice!



MAY 24, 2018

Henry County Water Authority is modifying its distribution system in order to enhance long-term operations.  The modifications to the system are impacting a small portion of east Henry County.  The areas of impact is the Ola area, which generally includes, but not limited to, the vicinity of Highway 81 East, North Ola Road, Keys Ferry Road, and Wilson Drive.


The modifications to the system will cause discoloration of water.  While the water is discolored, the water is continuously being tested and it is safe for consumption.  Crews are continuously monitoring these issues and are being dispatched to flush hydrants in the highly impacted area of the distribution system.  Modifications to the system will continue throughout the month of June.  Therefore, there will be ongoing incidents of occasional discoloration of water.


Click here for more information regarding the causes of discolored water.

Frequently Asked Questions are located under About Us - FAQs - Water Quality Questions.


We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.  As we transition into the new operating scheme, the incidents of water discoloration should diminish.