Plan Review/Inspection


HCWA Engineering Division charges a permit fee for the plan review and subsequent site inspection of water distribution, watershed protection and sanitary sewerage systems.   These services are for newly installed water lines, sanitary sewer lines, force mains, lift-stations, and appurtenances for new developments.       

Approved plans and a pre-construction conference with HCWA's Engineering staff are required prior to the installation of any proposed lines that are to be dedicated to the HCWA system.

To obtain plan review, inspection of proposed infrastructure, or related Engineering services of the HCWA, local developers must pay appropriate permit fees, which vary according to the size and scope of the development.

Projects within other jurisdictions, which require services from HCWA, are required to submit plans separately to HCWA. 

HCWA requires one copy of plans for original submittal.  Four copies are typically required for final approval. 


Click here for the complete Permit Fee schedule.


Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

$200 - Availability Letter (click here to download the application form)

$200 - Fire Flow Test by HCWA (click here for complete information)

$125 - Fire Flow Test by Private Entity (Requires HCWA Representative On-Site)

$200 - 24 Hour Pressure Test (Requires HCWA Representative On-Site) 

$15 -  Recording Fee                                                                   

$50 - Coliform Analysis

Checks should be made payable to Henry County Water Authority. 

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Engineering Division at 770.914.3688 between the hours of 8:00AM - 5:00PM.