Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Connecting Henry

HCWA knows that water is vital to our daily lives, and that’s why we partner with a local non-profit organization, Connecting Henry, to administer the funds collected through our charitable assistance program. If you, or someone you know, needs financial assistance to pay your water bill, please contact one of the organizations below for help: 

Phone: 770-274-3642


Samaritans Together

Their mission is to provide financial assistance to Henry County residents in a financial crisis.  They serve a population to include the unemployed, underemployed, elderly, and those living on a limited income due to disability.  They pay past-due electric, gas, and water bills; provide funds to obtain propane, and help with past-due rent and mortgage payments.

Phone: 404-590-7735


Hope Atlanta

Providing individualized assistance, resources, and advocacy for people experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) homelessness and hunger across 28 Georgia counties with special resources for veterans and their families.

Phone: 404-817-7070


People Help Exchange

Responding to the needs of the community through food distributions and supportive services for households that are behind on their utilities, rent, or mortgage.

Phone:  678-814-4144


Special Payment Arrangements

Kids at home for the summer, family visiting from out of town, or have one of those silent toilet leaks sneak up on you? 

These are all examples of things that may cause your monthly water consumption to increase.  We know that life happens and you may sometimes need a little extra time to pay your bill.  If this happens, take a few minutes to call one of our customer service representatives or visit our website and request a special payment arrangement (SPA). 

SPA’s are utilized to spread out larger amounts due by making smaller monthly payments over a specified period.  Past-due bills are divided into equal installments, which are billed each month along with your current bill. Terms and Conditions are based on individual account history, representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.