Fire Hydrant Meter


To legally take water from a fire hydrant, you must use a Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) Fire Hydrant Meter.  Release or use of water from a fire hydrant without an HCWA approved fire hydrant meter is illegal for anyone other than the Henry County Fire Department. 

Applying for a hydrant meter can be done between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Applications should be submitted to our Billing Department located in the Administration Building at:

  • 1695 Highway 20 West,  McDonough, Georgia 30253

Applications can also be emailed to:

After the hydrant meter application is processed by the HCWA Billing Department, the meter can be picked up no later than 4:30 PM from the HCWA Purchasing and Inventory Department located at:

  • 1020 Industrial Parkway,  McDonough, Georgia 30253 

Hydrant Forms

Anyone who wishes to use a fire hydrant meter must complete a Hydrant Meter Use Application and pay a deposit.

Hydrant Rates

Fire Hydrant Rental Deposit   -  $1,500

Minimum Monthly Bill (0-11,000 gallons) -  $93.74

Additional Thousand Gallons (11,001 gallons +) -  $7.35

Non-compliance Fee (applied each month meter not read by HCWA personnel)  - $350

*Payment of non-compliance fees does not apply to consumption*


  All credit card transactions are subject to a Transaction Fee.

  *Fees are subject to change without notice*


HCWA hydrants are silver with blue HCWA tags.

Fire Hoses are not supplied by HCWA; however, equipment rental companies often have them available to rent.