Leak Discount Request

Leak Discount Policy

Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) is committed to water conservation and encourages customers to do their part to reduce lost water by repairing leaks in a timely manner.  As a customer of HCWA, it is your responsibility to keep your plumbing system in good working order.  As a courtesy, HCWA will review a customer’s request for a discount due to a leak on the customer’s side of the meter. 

Click here for the Leak Discount Application

Click here for the Sewer Adjustment Request Form (Sewer Credit Only)

In order to be considered for a leak discount the following requirements must be met:

  • To qualify for a leak discount, the water usage must be at least 100% above the average monthly usage.  Average usage is defined as the average normal consumption for a minimum of three consecutive months.
  • Leak was repaired within the last 60 days.
  • Only two water/sewer discounts per account per 12 months from the date of the submitted application.
  • Water discounts will NOT be made on the following:
    • Filling and/or repairs to swimming pools or hot tubs;
    • Filling and/or repairs to ponds or lawn decorations;
    • Hose or outside faucet left on accidentally;
    • Leaking hoses;
    • Pressure washing (houses/driveways, etc.);
    • Premises left abandoned or vacant without reasonable care of the plumbing system;
    • Irrigation system failures (which include but are not limited to timer malfunction, line break, sprinkler head replacement, etc.), watering of lawns, new sod, or new landscaping;
    • Homes under construction and/or major renovations;
    • Water theft.
  • Sewer discounts will NOT be made on the following:
    • Toilet repairs;
    • Indoor faucet, bathtub, or shower repairs in which the water went into the sewer system;
    • Any type of leak or repair in which the water went into the sewer system.
  • In the event a customer receives an abnormally high bill as a result of a loss caused by a leak, a courtesy leak discount may be granted on the last (2) two consecutive bills impacted by the leak.
  • Turning off a water source to the leak or suspected leak does not constitute a repair.

The above stipulations do not limit additional consideration at the discretion of HCWA.  Failure to adhere to this policy and provide the documents requested will result in the denial of your leak discount request.  Partially completed requests will not be accepted.