The Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) continues to promote wise water use among its customers, providing financial incentives for their participation in the Toilet Rebate Program.

The Authority is reinvesting in the state's Toilet Rebate Program annually through its continual partnership with the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District. When budgeted funds are available, HCWA customers may receive credit on their monthly water bill for upgrading their homes with Ultra High Efficient Toilets (UHET) of 1.1 gallons per flush or less. 

First, customers of Henry County Water must go to the Web site of the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District for an application to determine which toilets are approved for the rebate.  After customer installs an approved toilet, they must contact the Metro North Georgia Water District to have that installation verified.

The District then notifies the HCWA of approved applicants who have complied with all program requirements.
If customers are in good standing on their HCWA account, they can receive a $75 credit (max of 2 toilets) on an upcoming water bill.

As long as the HCWA is listed on the Metro North Georgia Water District Web site as one of the water systems currently participating in the Toilet Rebate Program, funds will be available to underwrite the rebates for Authority customers. When the budgeted funds are exhausted, the Authority will remove its name from the list, an indication to HCWA customers that rebates are no longer available.

Note: only home owners with residences built in 1993 or earlier are eligible for the program, and other qualifications apply as outlined by the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District.

For more information, HCWA customers can contact HCWA at 678-583-3800, or go directly to the District's Web site at to get started.