WaterSense Homes Save Water, Energy, and Money

The HCWA is an advocate for customers saving water, energy and money, evident in the Authority serving as an EPA WaterSense Promotional Partner. 

You might want to look into the benefits of a WaterSense labeled home, either by converting your current residence into one, which could create more resale value, or inquiring about WaterSense labeled homes for your next purchase.

WaterSense labeled homes allow families to enjoy all the comforts of home, while using less water and energy and spending less money on utility bills. 

Some of the features of WaterSense labeled homes include faster hot water service, savings from more efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances, high-performing landscapes that are low maintenance and water efficient, and peace of mind from knowing these homes are the most water and energy efficient on the market.

There are basic criteria necessary for a WaterSense labeled home. First, the indoor criteria:

* No visible leaks. It’s essential to find and fix leaks.

* Your service pressure should be 60 psi or less.

* Hot water delivery should come faster and more efficiently, including a 10-degree temperature change observed at 0.6 gallons of use or less.

* WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures must be present, such as more efficient toilets, bathroom sink faucets, and showerheads.

* Finally, Energy Star certified dishwashers and washing machines are necessary, too.

WaterSense labeled homes have outdoor criteria as well, such as:

* Landscape designs that comply with WaterSense’s water-smart design.

* WaterSense labeled irrigation systems installed, and they must be audited by a certified irrigation professional.

* Pools and spas must be covered.

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