Consider Upgrading Your Home with High Efficiency Toilets

As of July 1, the HCWA has started a new year for its Toilet Rebate Program, targeting both single-family and multi-family residents of Henry County. 

As a result, you may qualify for a rebate to upgrade your home with water efficient toilets, providing a financial incentive for you to practice wise water use and help us in our water conservation efforts!

By renewing its Toilet Rebate Program, the HCWA has appropriated another year’s worth of funds to provide cash back for residents who improve their overall household water efficiency through the installation of newer, low-flow and high-efficiency models.

For single-family residents who install new WaterSense toilets using 1.1 gallons per flush (GPF) or less, you could be eligible for a $100 rebate. Single-family residential customers whose WaterSense labeled toilets use more than 1.1 GPF may be eligible for a $50 rebate.

For multi-family properties, such as hotels, owners may qualify for a $50 rebate for installation of a high efficiency toilet, or a $75 rebate for installation of an ultra-high-efficiency toilet.

Requirements include residents renting or owning a single-family home built in or prior to 1993. You also must have a receipt of your new toilet purchase, and there is a limit of two toilets per property.

Since toilet rebate programs in metro Atlanta began in 2008 as an initiative of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District in partnership with member utilities such as the HCWA, over 135,000 old, inefficient toilets have been replaced with low-flow and high-efficiency models, resulting in a savings of 2.4 million gallons of water a day.

For more information, contact Lindsey Sanders, HCWA Environmental Compliance Coordinator, at 678-583-3809; and you can apply online for the Toilet Rebate Program through the Metro Water District’s website at 


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