Charitable Assistance for Customers in Need

Since being established in 2014, through the leadership of Board Member Carlotta Harrell, the HCWA Charitable Assistance Program (CAP) has raised nearly $33,000 to distribute to customers in need, assisting them with their water/sewer bill payments.

The HCWA receives contributions to the CAP fund through customer donations, coming primarily from the Authority’s “Round Up” program. HCWA customers can round up their monthly water/sewer bill to the nearest dollar, with that contribution dedicated to the CAP fund. Those cents turn into dollars, which in turn provide hope for those in need.

An added benefit of this generosity from HCWA customers is that 100% of their contributions are returned to the community, since no administration fees are necessary to operate the program. That’s because the Authority partners with Samaritans Together of Henry County, a local non-profit who administers the program and distributes the funds to qualified recipients.

If you know of someone who needs assistance, the HCWA has a dedicated helpline with Samaritans Together at 404-590-7735. Just leave your contact information and a Samaritans Together volunteer will respond to your request.

For those HCWA customers not yet participating in the CAP, please contact our Customer Service Department at 770-957-6659 for help in getting signed up.

Caption for photo:

HCWA Chairman Jimmy Carter (left) and Secretary/Treasurer Carlotta Harrell (center) presented the first Charitable Assistance Program check to Samaritans Together of Henry County in 2015. Since establishing the program, HCWA customer contributions -- to help others in need with their utility bill payments -- have eclipsed $33,000.


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