Winterization Tips Can Save You Money

With the first day of winter set for Dec. 21, this is a good time to weatherize your home, to prevent potential water leaks or pipe bursts – and subsequent water loss and property damage – caused by frozen water lines.

The HCWA offers the following winterization tips to help:

* Insulate water lines (with wraps or tape) that run outdoors or in unheated areas.

* Consider insulating water heaters as well.  

* Drain irrigation systems completely.

* Drain and disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets.  

* Place covers or insulation over outdoor water spigots.

* Drain water lines that feed outdoor faucets.

* Remove window air conditioning units and insulate those areas.

* Clean gutters, so winter rains and melting snow can drain.  

* When leaving your home for an extended period, set your thermostat to 55 degrees – rather than turning the heat off completely.

* Should a pipe burst due to freezing or under any other circumstances, always know how to shut off the main water line servicing your home.

For more information on winterizing your home, contact the HCWA at 770-957-6659, or check out the "Winterize Pipes" page within the Customer Care section of this website ( 


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