HCWA Adds Extra Drive Thru Lane to Headquarters

In an effort to continually improve its customer service experience, the HCWA has added a lane to the existing drive thru at the Authority Headquarters at 1695 Highway 20 West in McDonough. 

The Kiosk occupying Lane 2 has been removed due to its low use, and that lane has been converted so it will have access to the Customer Service window. The Authority completed the renovation ahead of schedule, prior to the New Year.

“COVID protocol has increased our traffic in the drive-thru, so we are trying to ease the wait time and congestion,” says Darlene Johnson, HCWA Customer Service Manager. “This should be of great benefit to our customers.”

In addition to paying your bill via the drive-thru lanes, customers can come into the HCWA Headquarters Building, but a mask is required. 

Additional payment options include use of the “Pay Your Bill” portal on this Website ( Plus, customer can pay by phone by calling 404-341-9689, or toll-free at 1-855-985-1136. [There is a convenience fee added when paying by credit card.] 

Finally, customers can pay their bill by direct draft, either through their financial institution or by setting up this service through the Authority. This auto bill pay option does not incur a fee, making HCWA direct pay both convenient and cost effective.

For assistance with any of these HCWA payment options, contact our Customer Service Department at 770-957-6659.

Caption for photo:

The HCWA has converted Lane 2 of its Headquarters Building from a Kiosk (pictured) into another Drive Thru Lane to better serve customers during the current pandemic and in the future.


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Chris Wood, Ph.D.

P: 770-757-1681