HCWA Recognized for System Excellence

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) has recognized the Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) for operating the highest rated Collection System, Water Distribution System, and Wastewater Lab in the state.

During the GAWP Yearend Fall Conference in Athens, the HCWA received the Platinum Award for Wastewater Collection System Excellence, another Platinum Award for Water Distribution System Excellence, and a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Award for its Wastewater Laboratory.

The Collection System Excellence Award recognizes those utilities that strive to continually improve their systems through proper management, maintenance, and operation. The criteria for the award follow the practices the utility implements through its CMOM – or Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance – program. That includes preventative maintenance, system evaluation, rehabilitation programs, and training, among others. To obtain a Platinum Award, the HCWA achieved a score of 95% or higher on its Collection System review by industry judges for five consecutive years.

The Water Distribution System Award recognizes excellence in a utility’s management, operation, and maintenance of its water distribution system. To achieve Platinum status, the HCWA achieved a score of 95% or higher on the annual review of its water distribution system by industry judges for five consecutive years. An added benefit of the GAWP Distribution System Awards process is that such a comprehensive review better prepares the HCWA for its Georgia EPD Sanitary Survey, which is an overall assessment of every aspect of water system operations, conducted by the regulatory agency every three years.

According to GAWP officials, recognition for system excellence also demonstrates to HCWA customers the quality of their water/sewer utility. By striving to earn these annual industry awards, the Authority improves its overall water and sewer system operations. In addition, through the judging process, the HCWA is able to collaborate and learn from the successes of other utilities across Georgia. 

The Laboratory QA/QC Award recognizes those utilities who are demonstrating outstanding quality assurance/quality control programs, while promoting the professional advancement of laboratories within Georgia. The awards process provides an avenue for water professionals to exchange ideas, circulate technical expertise, and offer productive feedback. In doing so, judges recognize those laboratories that are demonstrating outstanding quality assurance programs.

“These most recent industry awards reflect the dedicated service and professional skills of our employees, who have proven year in and year out to operate our water and sewer systems to the point where we are recognized among the best of the best in the state of Georgia,” says Lindy Farmer, HCWA General Manager.  


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