Commercial Customers Making WaterSense

As a U.S. EPA WaterSense promotional partner, the Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) promotes wise water use inside homes and businesses. 

Most HCWA WaterSense promotions encourage residents to use WaterSense labeled toilets, fixtures and appliances, which are more water efficient. But WaterSense practices apply to businesses, too, especially restaurants and other food service establishments.

According to EPA statistics, Pre-Rinse Spray Valves (PRSV), which are devices used to rinse dishes prior to putting them in the dish washer, can account for one-third of the total water used within a commercial kitchen. More efficient, WaterSense PRSV’s can reduce that water use by 30 to 70 percent! So, water efficient sprayers not only save water, they save a commercial customer money, too! 

To encourage commercial customers to upgrade their kitchens with more water efficient spray valves, the HCWA is giving away five free WaterSense PRSV’s to those who qualify. A qualified commercial kitchen is one built prior to 2006, when all spray heads were required to meet the more stringent water efficiency standards outlined by EPA.

While the HCWA cannot install these water efficient spray heads for its commercial customers, these fixtures are valued at $50. And since they only use 1.2 gallons per minute (at 60 PSI), the cost savings are significant!

For more information on water efficient spray valves, check out the “Commercial Water Saving Tips” among the “Water Conservation” pages of the “Community & Education” section of our website at

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