Customer Appreciation for Fixing Leaks

The Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) distributed more than 200 “Pots of Gold” during national Fix A Leak Week to encourage customers to find and fix household leaks to save water and money on their monthly bills. In addition to providing visitors with items to help them with water conservation, the gift bags were distributed on the Authority’s Customer Appreciation Day on March 17.

HCWA customers visiting the Authority’s Headquarters that day to conduct business – whether to pay their bill or purchase a reservoir use permit – received gift bags in the Customer Service Lobby and the convenient Drive-Thru Window. Of note, HCWA customers are now benefitting from the second Drive-Thru Lane the Authority added at the end of last year to better serve them during the pandemic. 

Included in the “Pots of Gold” gift bags were several valuable items to assist customers with water conservation, beginning with timely information and tips on leak detection, in honor of national Fix A Leak Week. The gift bags also contained a Water Efficiency Kit featuring water efficient faucet and shower heads, in addition to die tablets for detecting toilet leaks. Customers also received a water conservation coloring book for kids, candy and sweets to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and information about the HCWA Charitable Assistance Program.

Finally, the HCWA provided a raffle ticket to every customer at no charge for a drawing to win a free Water Efficient Toilet. Congratulations are extended to Judy King, who is the lucky winner of this year’s Fix A Leak Week grand prize – a 1.28 gallon per flush Water Efficient Toilet donated by The Home Depot of McDonough.

“Our customer service team had the pleasure of serving over 200 residents in recognition of Fix A Leak Week during our Customer Appreciation Day,” says Darlene Johnson, HCWA Customer Service Manager. “We hope that all of the information, water saving kits and dye tablets distributed are put to good use in finding those silent leaks. We also want to thank those customers who have chosen to participate in our Charitable Assistance Program. In the last 20 days, we have seen nearly 500 new customers enrolled in this program to help others.”

Among the HCWA customers stopping by the Authority during the Customer Appreciation/Fix A Leak Week event, many were water conservation/leak detection advocates.

Anita Brooks of McDonough says she already practices water conservation and leak detection tips the Authority has provided its customers, so her “Pot of Gold” gift bag will go toward helping another. “I’m going to give my bag (water efficiency kit) to my grandmother, so she can save water and money on her bill, too,” says Ms. Brooks.

Desmond Graham of McDonough was all smiles as well after receiving his gift bag during his visit to the HCWA Drive-Thru Window. “I’m familiar with how these (gift bag) items can help me save water, so I’m going to put it (the water efficiency kit) to good use,” he says.

Karen Zimbelman of McDonough says she made a special trip to the HCWA Headquarters to see what this “Fix A Leak” event was all about. “I will really enjoy using the water efficiency kit,” she says, noting how much she appreciated the Authority’s thoughtfulness.

National Fix A Leak Week, which was March 15-21 this year, is an outreach program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Fix A Leak Week is a time for increasing awareness of the importance of finding and fixing leaks inside and outside of residential and commercial properties, to save customers money on their monthly water bills, while preventing water loss and waste of this valuable resource. However, HCWA customers are encouraged to check for leaks throughout the year.

“We encourage all of our customers to locate and address any water leaks they may have around the house or at work,” says Lindy Farmer, HCWA General Manager. “With more than 60,000 customer accounts at the Authority, imagine the savings if our customers helped in efforts of comprehensive water conservation, beginning with finding and fixing leaks. We are committed to preventing water loss among our assets as a utility, and we hope our customers will join us in efforts to preserve and protect our water resources.”

According to EPA Fix-A-Leak-Week statistics, an average household leak can account for up to 10,000 gallons of water loss each year! Finding and fixing household leaks can save homeowners about 10 percent on their water bills, according to EPA estimates, which also note that annual household leaks waste up to one trillion gallons of water nationwide!

For more information on finding and fixing water leaks, as well as wise water use, please visit the HCWA website at, or the EPA’s website at


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Captions for photos

Top Photo:

Lindsey Sanders, HCWA Environmental Compliance Coordinator, helps to organize the “Pots of Gold” gift bags that were given to HCWA customers during national Fix A Leak Week.

Second Photo:

Anita Brooks (front) and Maliyah Harps enjoy the gift bag they received on HCWA Customer Appreciation Day during Fix A Leak Week. Brooks says she plans to give her water efficiency kit to her grandmother so she can save money on her water bill, too.

Third Photo:

Desmond Graham of McDonough is all smiles after receiving a gift bag from the HCWA to celebrate Customer Appreciation Day and national Fix A Leak Week.

Bottom Photo:

Judy King is pictured with the HCWA Fix A Leak Week grand prize, which is a 1.28 gallon per flush Water Efficiency Toilet donated by The Home Depot of McDonough.