Don't Believe the Hype! You Can't Flush Wet Wipes!

You know those wet wipes that advertise that they’re flushable? Well, don’t believe the hype! Wet wipes, even those labeled as flushable, are not designed to break down in our sewer system. 

While wet wipes may actually go down the toilet, they will eventually clog HCWA sewer lines or potentially damage treatment facilities. 

With the increased use of wet wipes during the pandemic, HCWA sewer line maintenance crews have seen a subsequent increase in clogs and maintenance issues due to these wipes and similar items entering the sewer system. 

So please, do not flush non-dispersible items such as wet wipes., rags, dental floss, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, and more. Remember, the toilet is not a trash can!

Pictured is what HCWA sewer line maintenance crews pulled out of the sewer system recently – a collection of wet wipes, rags and other non-dispersible items. Remember, the toilet is not a trash can!

For more information on what not to flush to help prevent sewer spills and overflows, on your property and ours, please visit the following page on this website at 


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