HCWA Assists With Hurricane Relief Efforts

As people in Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast were recovering from flooding, property damage, and power outage as a result of the double dose of natural disasters in Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Nicholas, the Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) joined many local organizations and citizens who stepped up to help.            

With Henry County District 4 Commissioner Vivian Thomas and the Georgia Chapter of NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) leading the way, the HCWA and additional community partners responded to the call for hurricane relief. The result was a steady stream of Henry County citizens and area youth – who were inspired to help once they became aware of the need – making their way to J.P. Moseley Park in Stockbridge on Tuesday, Sept. 14, with much-needed supplies for those impacted by these natural disasters.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the area youth from a number of student organizations in our local schools who also came out to help us,” said Sandra Rozier, HCWA Vice Chair.

The HCWA joined the relief efforts along with like-minded organizations that included: The Serving Project, Urban Air McDonough Adventure Park, Women Igniting Social Change (WISC), TeamHOPE (Helping Others Pursue Excellence), the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the Henry County Police Department, with the latter two law enforcement agencies welcoming donors and unloading essential items and requested supplies from a steady stream of cars, vans, trucks and SUVs, as local residents stopped by J.P. Moseley Park throughout the day. 

Rozier, HCWA General Manager Lindy Farmer, Division Manager Scott Harrison, Water Production Manager Eric Osborne, and other staff from the utility made contributions and helped pack items for shipment. Alton Head, HCWA Customer Service Field Technician, helped to organize the relief efforts on behalf of the Authority. 

Head’s passion for this type of outreach is evident in the number of relief efforts he has spearheaded in the community through his service in the American Legion, Post 516, and stemming from his experience with natural disasters, firsthand. 

“I saw the effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans (in 2005) when I was working with the power company at that time, so I know how devastating these events can be for people,” said Head. “I’m happy to see this (relief effort) come together, but I know this probably won’t be the last time our help is needed. So, we’re always ready to assist however we can.”            

According to officials, the charitable assistance and donations by local residents at the Henry County site filled three truck/tractor-trailer loads of supplies that arrived in Louisiana two days later on Sept. 16. Henry County was one of four locations across the metro area accepting donations that day. Collectively, nine total truck/trailer loads full of goods headed west in the “Convoy for Care.”       

“That could have been us, so we wanted to assist those people in need,” said Paulette Henry, who dropped off items and made a donation. “If there’s a way I can help, I’m going to.”            

“We purchased some cleaning supplies and other items to bring by,” added Ken Obermeyer. “We just wanted to do our part.”

Rafiq Ahmad, President of the Georgia Chapter of NOBLE, helped to organize the logistics of the relief efforts that manifested in his organization’s “Convoy for Care.” 

“This is a way for us to help out citizens in their time of need,” said Ahmad, who notes that in addition to organizing the collection of essential supplies, officials in his organization provided an escort for the convoy headed to Louisiana, while also sending volunteers to the area to help distribute the much-needed supplies after they arrived. “As an organization, we (NOBLE) respond to natural disasters all across the country, and even globally,” he said.   



Captions for photos (from top to bottom):

Pic 1:

HCWA Vice-Chair Sandra Rozier (second from left) and her daughter Mary (far left) joined Authority employees (left to right) Scott Harrison, Alton Head, and Johnny Basler in efforts to provide assistance for residents in Louisiana. Not pictured: HCWA General Manager Lindy Farmer and Water Production Manager Eric Osborne, who also helped with the hurricane relief efforts.

Pic 2:

A steady stream of cars passed through J.P. Moseley Park recently, as Henry County citizens donated much-needed supplies for hurricane victims in Louisiana. 

Pic 3:

HCWA Division Manager Scott Harrison loads supplies onto a trailer headed for Louisiana in the “Convoy for Care.”

Pic 4:

Vivian Thomas (far right), Henry County District 4 Commissioner, and Rafiq Ahmad (far left), President of the Georgia Chapter of NOBLE, organized hurricane relief efforts locally, with the help of Henry County Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett (center), the Henry County Police Department, area students (pictured), and others.


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