HCWA Cultivating Leadership Within Its Ranks

The HCWA has kicked off its third year of cultivating future leaders – within the organization and the community – through its Leadership Academy. 

This 10-month commitment begins in January and runs through October, with graduates honored during the utility’s holiday luncheon in December. During this most recent event to honor last year’s graduates, HCWA officials also announced those selected for the 2024 program, which is underway. 

The 2023 HCWA Leadership Academy graduates include: Adam Barham, Adam Waits, Akilah Herring, Beverly Smith, Brandon Dubbs, Brenda Macdonald, Keith Hyde, Hunter Parker, Michael Bell, Michael Dodson, and Sherell Washington.

The purpose of the HCWA Leadership Academy is to identify and develop future leaders at the Water Authority and within the community, while enhancing communication and cross-training between the utility’s departments. Participants discover a wide perspective of all aspects of the Authority, learn about growth opportunities, and participate in a year-long mentorship program with a staff member of their choice.

Each year, HCWA Division Managers nominate up to three people, while staff members can self-nominate as well. The HCWA Employee Leadership and Development Committee reviews the blind applications to select Academy participants. This year, six HCWA employees were selected for this honor.

The 2024 HCWA Leadership Academy participants include: Al Gardner, Brandon Keller, Chad Turner, Matt Hunt, Tabby Lee, and Todd Brackin.

Ultimately, by participating in the Leadership Academy, Authority employees will be equipped to better serve customers and the community, because of the knowledge and experience they gain in administration, operations, at facilities, and through customer service.

“Even though our Leadership Academy program is only in its third year, we are already seeing the benefits for both participants and the customers we serve,” says Tony Carnell, HCWA General Manager. “Our employees have opportunities to advance and enjoy a great career in the water industry, and the Leadership Academy helps to facilitate that personal and professional growth. As a result of the confidence, knowledge, and experience participants gain, they will be able to better respond to the needs of our customers.”

Caption for photo:

The Authority recognized the 2023 graduating class of the HCWA Leadership Academy (pictured) in December, while announcing the participants who make up the 2024 class. The knowledge and experience gained by Leadership Academy participants enables them to better serve HCWA customers and their community.

The individuals pictured include (left to right): Lindsey Sanders, HCWA Communications and Regulatory Coordinator and Leadership Academy organizer, with graduates Sherrell Washington, Adam Barham, Michael Bell, Brandon Dubbs, Beverly Smith, Adam Waits, Michael Dodson, Akilah Herring, Brenda MacDonald, and Hunter Parker, as well as HCWA General Manager Tony Carnell. Not pictured: graduate Keith Hyde.


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