HCWA hosts Youth Leadership Henry class at Tussahaw Plant

Prior to their graduation from the Youth Leadership Henry (YLH) program at the end of the school year, approximately 35 students in this year’s class enjoyed a recent visit to the Henry County Water Authority’s (HCWA) Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant. 

These students – who have been studying all aspects of Henry County included in the program’s curricula of government, health care, education, and safety – spent an entire day with HCWA water professionals to learn about the water profession, careers in the field, the cycle of water, how to become an advocate for water issues, as well as water treatment and water laboratory operations, thanks to a tour of the award-winning Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant.

Lyndsay Theado, Chair of the Youth Leadership Henry Board and coordinator of the visit to the Tussahaw Plant this year, noted that the organization looks forward to its stop at the HCWA each year, in addition to being grateful for the time and energy the Authority’s staff puts into hosting and sharing their knowledge and experience with these future community leaders.

“The opportunity to show our Youth Leadership Henry students the behind-the-scenes workings of the water authority is an immeasurable benefit to their understanding of how our community works together for the betterment of all county residents and visitors,” says Theado. “Learning the fundamentals that it takes to keep a community healthy and running smoothly is a giant step our class gets to take, while understanding the world around them and how they can help as a leader today and in the future.”

Hannon Grimwood Moss, a student at Impact Academy High School, says he appreciated his interaction with the Tussahaw Plant staff, which included the water quality laboratory team who shared how they safeguard water against potential contaminants.

“I had an amazing opportunity to visit the Tussahaw Water Plant with Youth Leadership Henry; my peers and I engaged in a tour of the water plant facility, where we were given the opportunity to observe various treatment processes,” says Grimwood Moss.

“We visited the laboratory, where diligent monitoring was conducted to assess water quality at 15-minute intervals,” adds Grimwood Moss. “Additionally, plans were shared regarding the strategic plan formulated during the establishment of the water plant for anticipated future county growth.”

Before concluding their visit and tour of the water plant, the YLH students were asked to play the role of HCWA engineers tasked with relocating water and sewer lines due to a road widening project – a real-world task the Authority staff faces often.

“This interactive session called for collaborative problem-solving among our groups,” adds Grimwood Moss. “I know that I, along with everyone from Youth Leadership Henry, extend our gratitude to the board members of the program and the Tussahaw Water Plant for providing such a unique opportunity.”

Youth Leadership Henry is a leadership program for high school sophomores, sponsored by the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of Youth Leadership Henry is to identify emerging leaders, bring them together in an atmosphere conducive to the free exchange of ideas, and provide them with an enlightening educational experience.

“We love being a part of Youth Leadership Henry, to share how vital our water resources are and how important it is as a leader to protect your environment,” says Lindsey Sanders, HCWA Communications and Regulatory Coordinator who organized the activities for the YLH guests. “These students also get an opportunity to learn about the impactful careers that are available to them within the water industry when they are considering their own career path.”

Captions for photos (top to bottom):

Approximately 35 students from this year’s Youth Leadership Henry class enjoyed a recent visit to the HCWA Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant, which was one of their last trips prior to graduating from the program.

Barry Brand (far right), HCWA Operations Supervisor of Water Production at the Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant, and Mike Curry (right), Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant Operator, take students from this year’s Youth Leadership Henry Class on a tour of the Tussahaw Plant.

Youth Leadership Henry participant Samantha Dalby, a student at Woodland High School, is intent on getting the correct measure of water to test within the HCWA water quality laboratory at the Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant during her recent visit.

Nikeva Silverton (right), HCWA Engineer, and Karlee Beach (far right), HCWA Lab Analyst, assist Youth Leadership Henry students with their assignment to relocate water and sewer lines during their recent visit to the Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant.


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