HCWA releases 2024 Henry County Water Quality Report

The Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) has released the 2024 Henry County Water Quality Report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report, which provides scientific data that the utility produces the highest quality tap water possible. This year’s Report is available on this website here

The results of the 2024 Henry County Water Quality Report indicate the utility’s customers are drinking clean and safe tap water, which meets or exceeds all industry standards for drinking water quality, as reflected in the water quality data collected from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2023, and included in the Report. More specifically, the HCWA had no violations of permitted levels of regulated substances (potential contaminants) in its tap water this past year.

For public water utilities such as the HCWA, annual Water Quality Reports are required to inform consumers of “What is in my drinking water and why?” and ultimately, “Is my water safe to drink?” A Water Quality Report provides details of those regulated substances found in public drinking water. 

HCWA officials will use the 2024 Henry County Water Quality Report as experiential evidence that the utility’s tap water is not only safe for public consumption but is a public service of great value that is essential to the community’s quality of life and economic development.

This year’s Report includes additional public information for the customer’s benefit, such as an overview of the Authority’s drinking water production and distribution system, a closer look at the HCWA drinking water treatment technologies and processes, and opportunities for public involvement to assist the Authority in its role of providing the cleanest, safest drinking water possible.

The lab data analyzed and presented in the 2024 Henry County Water Quality Report includes measures of regulated substances found at the source, during drinking water production at both HCWA water treatment plants, and within the HCWA distribution system. These lab results provide consumers with the assurance that the detected amounts of all regulated substances are well within the limits allowed by Georgia EPD, in accordance with federal guidelines of the Safe Drinking Water Act enforced by the U.S. EPA.

Regulated substances for which regulatory agencies require testing because of their potential to cause contamination if they exceed permitted levels include those categorized as organic, inorganic, or microbiological, or as the result of disinfectants or disinfectant by-products used in the drinking water treatment process. 

Water Quality Reports – or Consumer Confidence Reports – became a regulatory requirement of public water utilities following the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. The intent of these annual reports is to increase the public’s “right to know” about the nature and contents of their drinking water, so they might make informed health decisions about tap water consumption.

In addition to being available online here, hard copies of the 2024 Henry County Water Quality Report are available at the HCWA Headquarters, located at 1695 Highway 20 West in McDonough. Customers also can request a copy be sent to them by mail by contacting the HCWA at 770-957-6659.


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