Earth Day 2024


It's that time of year again! As the leaves begin to grow and pollen starts to fall, nature is springing back to life. Here at Cubihatcha Outdoor Center, we are excited to prepare for our 2024 Earth Day celebration! This year, we have several projects planned;

1. Sign Beautification: Join us in replanting beautiful flowers around the Cubihatcha welcome sign!

2. Spring planting: Join us as we plant an herb and pollinator garden in the community garden area!

3. Retaining Wall Construction: Help our crews build a retaining wall near our kid's fishing area. This project will help control water runoff and stabilize the trail.

4. Trail Maintenance: Hike with us on one of our trails to clear brush and debris.

5. Nature Center Cleanup: We will be planting various flora, removing invasive plant growth, and spreading fresh pine straw to enhance our Nature Center area.

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