Model Water Tower Competition



Every November, the Henry County Water Authority invites students from the County Middle Schools to participate in the Model Water Tower Competition.  The competition provides students with a fun-filled, science oriented contest aimed at introducing Engineering and other water professions. The objective is to make students aware of the importance of reliable drinking water and the rewarding opportunities available in the water industry.

The students are challenged to design and build a water tower with specific size and height requirements.  The towers are tested for leaks and stability, hydraulic efficiency, as well as the use of recycled materials.  The students also practice their interviewing and presentation skills while discussing their tower in front of a panel of water professionals.  Artistic creativity and design ingenuity is encouraged, as well as having lots of fun and learning new things!

Cash prizes are awarded to the top three finishers. 

$300 - 1st prize

$200 - 2nd prize

$100 - 3rd prize

Congratulations to our 2018 Winners!